Compassionate Chiropractic Care

Voted the best in North Florida for 11 years and counting, Monahan Chiropractic Medical Clinics provides patients with trusted holistic medical care and natural pain relief. Our team includes chiropractors, medical doctors, a nurse practitioner, acupuncturist, and massage therapist who work in coordination with each other and our patients to provide alternative and traditional health care for the entire family.

What We Offer

We frequently treat patients for common causes of musculoskeletal discomfort such as disc herniation, headaches, sciatica, low back pain, whiplash, and accidents—often with same-day appointments. Additional services include:

  • Spinal Rehabilitation
  • Decompression Therapy
  • Chiropractic Neurology
  • Class IV Laser Therapy
  • Ultrasound
  • Digital X-Ray
  • Electro-Muscle Stimulation
  • Custom Orthotics/Back Braces

The Benefits

In the field of chiropractic medicine, we believe in preventive, holistic treatment and a drug-free approach to the improvement of existing conditions. By treating issues before they worsen, we're able to help our patients experience relief from musculoskeletal pain, digestive concerns, respiratory problems, and blood pressure without the need for surgery, pharmaceuticals, or other forms of intervention. As a complementary or alternative approach to traditional medicine, chiropractic care provides patients of all ages with the potential to heal and restore optimal body functions in a natural way.

Chiropractic Care

We provide advanced spinal correction and chiropractic adjustments utilizing state-of-the-art chiropractic techniques. Many of the newest chiropractic techniques are more comfortable and more effective than ever before. As a chiropractor with decades of training and experience, Dr. Meet Patel is skilled in using chiropractic techniques to help patients experience relief from back pain, neck pain, headaches, and other related conditions. Chiropractic care under a trained professional can even be used to help prevent injuries and help patients achieve total health and wellness.

The Effect of Extremity Care

Award-winning chiropractor Dr. Patel has spent years extensively studying the biomechanics of the extremities and how joint dysfunction can cause pain in the foot, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, wrist, and jaw (TMJ). Proper alignment of the extremity joints is a critical component of overall health; misalignment of one of the joints in the extremities can lead to various health problems, pain, and discomfort.

Nutritional Counseling

The goal of chiropractic care is to help patients achieve complete health and balance with their bodies. Our experienced chiropractic health professionals can provide nutritional counseling to guide patients in making dietary and lifestyle choices for optimal overall health. Patients might not know which supplements and vitamins are good for them, or how those supplements and vitamins interact with one another. At our St. Augustine, Palm Coast, and Palatka chiropractic clinics, we can answer those questions and provide each patient with a structured nutritional program that is based on individual needs.

Chronic pain and illness can be debilitating, and conventional medicine doesn't always have the answers. At Monahan Chiropractic Medical Clinics, we get to know our patients and their medical histories so that we can go beyond treating the symptoms, find the root of the problem, and help restore health through non-invasive, drug-free treatment options. Call us today at 904-824-8353 to make your appointment at one of our three Northeast Florida locations.