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Peter Schmidt
Tks so much great doctor
Justin Wood
Dr. Patel and staff at Monahan Chiropractic are friendly, caring, and professional. Every time I stop by for a visit they make me feel welcome, they know me by name and make me feel comfortable even though I may be feeling pain at the moment. Lorie, at the front desk makes sure the check-in, check-out, and rescheduling process is easy and fast. She also takes care of any extra administrative paperwork that needs attention with my other doctors. Most importantly my health, pain, and symptoms have improved 180 degrees because of the knowledge and attention to detail by Dr. Patel. Thank you Monahan for your support on my health journey. You are all truly good at what you do. Cheers!
Terry Harrington
On vacation in the area and in desperate need of a chiropractor. I searched for a Palmer Chiropractic graduate and found Dr. Meet Patel. His helpful staff were able to get me in right away. I felt completely comfortable with both Dr. Patel's assessment and adjustments. Within two days following my third visit I was completely pain free. So incredibly grateful for this clinic. Highly recommend!
Nancy Wilson
Everyone in office is engaging and helpful. It was easy enough to get reestablished after a few years of not doing maintenance adjustment as I should. Meet Patel is a joy to work with. Hopeful I’ll have good results at the end of my treatment plan.
Gary Rehbein
Great experience!! I will be going back!!
Christine Scheutzow
The team fit me in same day to help my wrenched back, hips and shoulders after moving furniture. I was in a lot of pain. Dr. Patel was able to xray in office, evaluate and prepare a plan on the spot. I left feeling relief from the sharp pains and able to walk, sit and actually sleep. I will definitely stick to the follow appointments. I do not want that pain to return. Thank you for your help!
Christine Seely
Called one morning early in severe pain, they offered an 11a appointment which I happily took. Dr. Patel took his time to get a complete view of my situation, then offered different options to get me out of pain & keep me out of pain. After my over a solid hour appointment, I left feeling relieved & with an appointment the following week. A day or two later the office called to check on me to see how I was & if I needed to come in for any reason before my next appointment to call and they would help me out. Highly recommend to anyone for any reason you are experiencing pain.
Jim Fancher
Loree at the front desk is really nice and welcoming and Dr. Patel took his time to really understand my situation.
Trevorr Ashworth
Great staff and experience. They are very knowledgeable and welcoming
Regina Pisch
Great Dr!
Maggie MarreroNeville
Great choices for chiropractic services. Dr Patel is caring and personable. Staff was accommodating and helpful. Thank You
Heather Smith
I was very apprehensive about seeing a Chiro, but after talking with Dr. Patel and having him adjust my neck, I feel amazing! I woke up for the first time without tightness in my neck. Friendly staff with a warm welcome, you can't get any better than this!
Terry Roberts
Great experience for my visit. Dr. Patel was great, understanding and thorough. I highly recommend. Thanks Doc.
Alessandra Costantino
Staff was extremely kind from beginning to end. Dr. Patel was very informative and made sure I felt comfortable and understood each step of the appointment.
Richard E
Great people they don’t try to upsale your treatment they do what is best for you love the massage chairs in here
Kitty Katz
This was my first visit to a Chiropractor. Staff were kind and helpful. Dr. Patel made me feel at ease and explained everything thoroughly. I look forward to my follow-up visit.
Lysseth Iglesias
I went to appointment just because he was recommended. Wow! Why did I wait so long to visit this office? Dr Patel is patient in hearing you out and very knowledgeable on answering your questions. The relief I felt after just one adjustment was Awesome. His understanding & expertise on the body & brain connection has relieved the aching pain I felt on my back and leg. I even feel that I am functioning at a better level. And that's without any drugs or surgery. I highly recommend Monahan Chiropractic there is plenty of parking, staff is wonderful and Dr Patel really does care about your well-being.
Theresa Zieber
Today was my first appointment with Monahan chiropractic and all I can say is Wow! Thank you to the wonderful staff and especially Dr. Patel, who is awesome! He is very friendly, knowledgeable and explained what he was doing to fix me and why! I just wish I would have started here months ago but, better late than never!!
Robin Kingery
I walked out of Monohan Chiropractic Medical Clinic a Different Woman than the waddling-hunchback-woman who walked in! The Transformation was Amazing! I am So Grateful for Dr Patel, Desiree & Lorrie! MAHALO!
Ed Dicristofano
So far Doc has been point on in his approach with me.If you think one or two adjustments are the answer. Maybe if you a little out of whack.My hips have been out of whack for 25 yrs.Two adjustments pretty good improvement.
Geri Manley
Dr. Patel and staff are kind, compassionate, informational and skilled! I was so nervous and he was very calming and gentle. He shared findings with me no other provider has been able to explain. I feel like I’ve finally found answers and have hope! I was in so much pain at arrival and left with immediate relief. They also got me in the very next day for my appointment. Often unheard of with new patient appointments today. I’m so grateful for their help!
miranda price
The staff was great. Dr. Patel listened to my concerns and was concise with his treatment.
David Seals
Awesome Dr.he listens, sets expectations and executes. I felt comfortable throughout the whole process since it was my first time going. Thanks Dr. Patel
Maureen Hogan
Bill Turner
Dr. Patel is the best. He knows what to do to provide relief where you need it. I would not go anywhere else! The staff is very professional, nice and helpful.
Joanne Morgan
Dr. Patel is a talented chiropractor. He has made a significant impact on how I feel. He also explains everything in detail and patiently answers all questions. Desiree at the front desk is efficient and sweet. I highly recommend this practice.
Kimberly Immel
Excellent staff. Highly recommend.
Garry Kimpel
Horrible back pain, pinched nerve causing entire arm to hurt. Dr. Patel adjusted neck and back easing my pain. Massage chair after adjustment was awesome.
Rene Carden
Dr. Patel and his receptionist were kind and empathetic to my discomfort today. Both went out of their way to assist me today. The receptionist helped find current test results( sorry I blanked on her name) and tests to be administered.Dr. Patel thoughtfully listened to my description and history of the pain I was having. He took his time explaining and showing me the culprit of the pain. He took additional time treating me. Then he gave home care guidance and a new patient surprise gift! I'm going back tomorrow!
Dr Patel is the best chiropractor I have ever seen. I have lived with lower back pain for a long time. His adjustments give awesome relief.
Bethany Beccaroon (Beccaroon)
Always a great fast visit. Clean + friendly. Gets my body back in check every few months.Charging for massage table after visit now. Was free before.
Bill Walters
My experience has been fantastic. My chiropractic adjustments and massages have helped ease my chronic pain and the staff are helpful and friendly. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.
Cindy Popp
Dr.Patel has changed my life for the better! I walked in crying and walked out smiling and pain free! I've gotten my life back since starting a x3a week program on the decompression machine with an adjustment each week for 20 visits for my neck. It has helped me so much! It's improved my health and attitude because i feel so good!I've started doing things again I couldn't do before because I had so much pain I couldnt get out of bed.I recommend him and his staff to everyone! Please don't put off seeking help from Dr.Patel, he'll change your life for the better!
David Katz
Very professional and polite service. Always looking to provide best outcome for patient.
Carl H
Went in with unbearable pain in neck shoulder and arm Doc made a couple adjustments and I walked out somewhat normal thank you thank you!
Theresa Everley
I just love going there.The people there make you feel like they really care to make you better. I was in a car accident and never been in a chiropractors before. Would recommend his clinic to everyone.
Gayle Logan
I’m a big believer of chiropractic care and when my lower back (I’m not a baby) started it’s hurting my friend recommended Dr. Patel and since i already use Kim Pacetti for general care (she’s awesome) I went to him. He’s got me perfect again and him and his staff are awesome caregivers! I highly recommend him!!
Brenda Hartley
Ginger Wilkinson
So friendly! There are so many services offered that a customized plan can be found that is perfect for you. The doctors actually LISTEN to you and treat you with utmost respect. Highly recommend!
Timothy Mog
Monahan Chiropractic was incredible today. It was clear to us that Dr. Monahan and his team were kind, thorough and committed to getting a healthy resolve for my daughter.Timothy Mog
Gabe Wicks
First time in the clinic and what a positive experience! Will return soon.
I am pain free. The entire staff is caring and knowledgeable. I am thankful for Monahan Chiropractic.
Laura Rupp
Dr P always makes me feel better ! He always gives good advice and answers all of my questions. ! I love that they get me in on the day I call when I am in a lot of pain. Everyone is very friendly!
Matt Taylor
Friendly staff, nice office space and a great Dr
JL Mason
OMG!!!! Where do I begin!!! The staff at Monahan Chiropractic is the best at EVERYTHING!!! Dr. Patel and his team go above and beyond for their patients and the affordability has no competition. They are very thorough and they ensure they cover your every need as if you are family. This is how I felt when I first hopped through the doors. Dr. Patel is there to guide you through every step of your treatment and leaves no stone unturned. It was the best and easiest decision I've ever made. They are a true blessing!! Thank you for making me feel valued and most of all heard. Forever in my gratitude 🙏🏽 looking forward to my future sessions!!
Sheila McIntyre
I have been seeing Dr. Patel and his staff for the last two weeks. He and his staff are very knowledgeable and professional. I want to thank Dr. Patel for the progress he has made thus far with my problem. Rick McIntyre.
Sydney Crawford
Monahan Chiropractic is an awesome office. Staff is friendly, I was quickly seen and taken care of. All needs were met, very transparent. Would recommend for anyone 🙂
Sara Thornton
Dr. Patel is the best chiropractor.
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Brianna Rose
I don't even know where to begin. Dr. Patel and his staff are so absolutely amazing. My 3 month old daughter (born via cesarean) had been having problems sleeping. Up every single hour, gorging on food, and still would not sleep longer than 45 minutes at a time. When she was awake, she'd have small windows of happiness followed by long hours filled with anger and stress. She would stay up sometimes 4 to 7 hours just distraught. We tried anticolic, soothing techniques, massage, white noise, sleeping on me was the only time we would get a moment of rest, as as any mother knows, you yourself do not get rest when an infant is sleeping on you.
We visited Dr Patel and he was so gentle with Eloise. She was grinning at him the entire time. He adjusted her neck and her back, and within 10 minutes we were on our way. SHE FELL ASLEEP IN THE CAR! and slept for 2 hours while I shopped and ran errands, not even stirring when I moved her from the car both times. We went for 2 more followup appointments and it only got better from there!! she started sleeping longer stretches at night, and took naps multiple times a day that lasted for well over an hour and sometimes almost meeting 3!
we are officially 3 weeks post treatment and Eloise is sleeping like an absolute champion! last night was her FIRST night fully in her crib (not using a swing or rocking to sleep) and only woke up to feed twice! I've seen her excel in daytime activities and tummy time, as well as a complete 180 in her attitude during wake windows. Dr Patel and staff, yall saved this mama!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts 💕
Tim Frill
Dr. James Haley is awesome and is on top of what your body needs to help the healing process.
Mody Elsery
after one appointment I got to go back to work out and sleep normal after a long time of suffering of a pain on my shoulder . He even explained why I was having the pain. Everyone there are really nice and friendly, it’s like a magic thank you 😊
Kenny Groves
Hands down best around. Has been takin care of my back pains for years.
Steven Rys
I had my first chiropractic appointment ever. My back is in pretty bad shape. I always knew I had problems but never knew what they were. Everyone in their offices extremely professional. I look forward to more sessions
Lorraine Delmont Burke
The staff are amazing and Dr. Patel took the time to explain everything. I felt so much better after my appointment. I am looking forward to going back.
Chad Fackler
Just Amazing! This was my first time ever going to a chiropractor and I’m asking myself why I waited so long! Like others have reviewed soon as you walk in you feel welcomed. They listened to my ramblings and then fixed me right up. I feel better than when I did when I arrived. I didn’t notice till I got home but my tinnitus reduced significantly and I can hear again out my left ear! Thank You Dr Patel I’m beyond Amazed Thank You! All my Veterans this is where to go!
Edgar Espinoza
This is an exceptional service and treatment facility. Completely satisfied!
Tommie Layne Pelfrey
Awesome staff and Dr. Patel is very nice and explains everything
McKenzie Morris
Dr. Patel was fantastic. He got me right in on the same day and made sure I was comfortable before leaving. 10/10
Tim Moore
SUPER Staff.

Dr. Patel is a miracle man...

I’ll be back😊👍.
Chad Messer
Dr. Patel was very helpful with my issues and was very proficient. He explained everything he was going to do and even took the time to explain good aftercare things I should do. I will definitely be going back(pun intended)!!!
Christine Pavia Heath Gillette
The Doctor s and staff are wonderful and caring
Allison Basili
This was my first visit to a chiropractic office and I left feeling so much better.
Beth Stelzleni
I was in from out of town visiting family when my back started giving me problems. Dr. Patel fixed me after one adjustment. I would highly recommend him - he would be my regular chiropractor if I lived here!
Lea Bucharova
Dr. Patel is a magician. Made me feel so much better, relieved pain greatly in just one visit. Definitely recommend this practice, great and friendly environment.
Nate DA Barber Williams
I’m really big on customer service. This place is awesome with great customer service, and great service as a whole! I’m very well pleased with Monaghan chiropractic medical clinic!! Thank you
Jennifer Thompson
Friendly staff and Dr Patel was informative and took his time to work with me.
Paul Jastram
Dr Patel was cheerful and made me relax and listened to my back problem and within a short time made the adjustment to realign my spine. Rate the experience excellent.
Stephen George
Deborah Walton
Dr. Patel always makes me feel better. Magic hands! Thanks Doc.
Diane Weddle
Great experience! So glad the referral given to me worked out and I get to be treated by one of the nicest doctors I’ve ever met! Dr. Meet Patel’s personality, knowledge and skillset made my chiropractic treatment a pleasant experience! His innovative approach to my “skeletal” health was refreshing and left me feeling optimistic and hopeful about my treatment with him. In addition, the atmosphere in the office was enjoyable, made me feel very comfortable and the staff are very nice! I highly recommend checking this clinic out!